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I want to see the world! I am armed with the book "1,000 places to see before you die" and I am having a great time. I am also a dog lover and theatre snob.

MORI Digital Art Museum

The “borderless” digital art museum in Tokyo is fantastic! I had seen pictures, but didn’t know what to expect, and like many other places I’ve been- the pictures serve as a nice part of the memory of the experience, but … Continue reading

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Shanghai Botanical Garden

Shanghai has amazing views. And a decent amount of green space, considering it is a vertical city with the largest population in the world. But I think the prettiest place in Shanghai is the botanical garden – especially when so … Continue reading

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Part of my time on Phuket was spent at the Green Elephant Sanctuary. This is an ethical retirement home for elephants. They aren’t chained up, and you don’t ride them. We started by feeding them. They eat all day long! … Continue reading

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Phuket – Pearl of Andaman Sea

I haven’t done many beach vacations, and my week on Phuket was one of my favorites. We stayed at a lovely resort that had its own beach. But I spent most of my time in the infinity pool. I like … Continue reading

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Hong Kong

I started 2019 doing what I love – traveling to a new place. Without getting into whether Hong Kong is a unique country, China says it isn’t, I tried to see as much of it as I could over a … Continue reading

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Chi Lin nunnery garden

This beautiful garden was a highlight of my trip to Hong Kong. I only wish I had gone earlier in the day, because of the early morning light and also because it would have been quieter. I will find time … Continue reading

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Koalas and kangaroos

My first experience with koalas and my second with kangaroos. They both seem so exotic to me. I would love to have my own pet koala!

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