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The Daily Post: Or

I have been fortunate to have traveled to many of Europe’s great cities, and I love most of them. There are two, however, that I love the most – and have visited the most: London and Paris. When scheduling a … Continue reading

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Daily Post: Learning

I always thought of myself as a good student, but I don’t recall learning very much about World War 2 when I was in high school. Perhaps the curriculum at my school district was not very deep? When I planned my … Continue reading

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Daily Post: Surface

I love the water. And the surface of water is something I enjoy photographing – especially when it is calm and reflective. But who doesn’t love whales? Especially when they are breaching. It was so much fun to see them … Continue reading

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Daily Post: Praise

I am not an art critic, and would not make a very good one; but I have opinions. I have no praise for this: I don’t understand it. I find it disturbing. But lots of praise for this: and this: … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge: Morning

I’ve been to Vatican City twice. Once in the late afternoon, and once in the morning. I highly recommend the morning. Look, almost no one is here (include the Pope, as it turned out): I consider myself a “morning” person, … Continue reading

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Daily Post: Craving

My initial idea for this topic was to write about how I am craving a Laduree macaron. I have Paris on my mind! However, I decided to go in a different direction. (In part to try and squash my sweet … Continue reading

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Daily Post: Muse

It is highly unlikely that had I lived in the 1880s-1890s, and knew him, that I would have ever been a muse for Oscar Wilde. Why is another blog post, or just check his wikipedia page if you want to … Continue reading

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