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I always thought of myself as a good student, but I don’t recall learning very much about World War 2 when I was in high school. Perhaps the curriculum at my school district was not very deep?

When I planned my Viking River Cruise last year, I didn’t realize it would come with a history lesson. But I guess that isn’t much of a stretch considering most of the cruise was in Germany, and we visited many historically significant places.

I won’t try and regurgitate what I learned, because I am not confident about how much I could actually remember. Plus, there are much better sources about WWII history than my blog. 🙂

One of my favorite cities on that trip was Nuremberg. One thing I do remember learning as a child was to hate the Nazis. And that was also the theme during our day in Nuremberg.


Court Room 600 – site of the WWII Nazi trials


The defendants sat on the left side of the room.

old and new 600

Side by side photos of how the courtroom looked during the Nazi trials and how it looks today. Many differences; cross, seating, 2nd level windows for reports

My grandfather served in the military during WWII, but he only served stateside. He never talked about his military career, or the war. My mom told me he never served abroad because he was German. I didn’t question that as a child, but I do now. Was being German really a reason why a young man wouldn’t be able to serve his country (born in the USA) while fighting the country of his ancestors? He had 4 small children at home – perhaps that was really why they didn’t send him abroad.

I hate that I didn’t spend more time learning from my grandparents when they were still alive. I have so many questions, about so many topics. I wish I had taken better advantage of them. Plus, I miss them!


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