Daily Post: Surface

I love the water. And the surface of water is something I enjoy photographing – especially when it is calm and reflective.

But who doesn’t love whales? Especially when they are breaching. It was so much fun to see them breaking the surface of the water as they were coming up; but more so when they came back down. Our guide said breaching is not typical behavior when they are in Alaska. You are more likely to see it when the whales are near Mexico and Hawaii in the winter.


Whale watching in Juneau, Alaska

It was almost two years ago when I went on an Alaskan cruise. These pictures are all from that amazing vacation.



Salmon just at the surface of the water


New Eddystone Rock

Alaska – go there!


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I want to see the world! I am armed with the book "1,000 places to see before you die" and I am having a great time. I am also a dog lover and theatre snob.
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