Marksburg Castle

Marksburg is a medieval German castle that bears the distinction of being the only castle between Bingen am Rhein (Rhine) and Koblenz that was never destroyed.

It isn’t a luxurious fairytale-type castle for royalty, but was instead a fortress for protection.

I visited the castle as part of my Viking river cruise itinerary.

According to Wikipedia, the castle was used as a home for disabled soldiers in the 19th century. I can’t imagine disabled people living here, as just walking around was a bit of a work-out, and my mother and her walker did not even attempt to tour the castle based on the recommendation of Viking personnel.  I am glad she didn’t make the trip up the hill, as this was the entrance:

Rhine 023

Rhine 018

Coat of arms over the door

We were not able to climb up the tower. Too bad, as I think the view of the Rhine would have been amazing.

Rhine 021

Rhine 022

Not many windows on this side

Rhine 026

More coat of arms

Rhine 027

Old-fashioned key – tour guide’s back pocket

Rhine 028

Windows on the Rhine-facing side of the castle

Rhine 029

The “big gun”

Rhine 030

Nice view

Rhine 031

Slate roof

Rhine 032

It’s a long way down

Rhine 034

Castle’s garden

Rhine 035

Not everyone can live in a castle. Real houses in the hills.

Moving into the kitchen now….

Rhine 038

The plates

Rhine 039

Bench seating

Rhine 040

Seeing this makes me appreciate my stove and oven

Rhine 041

Kitchen prep area

Rhine 042

High ceilings with wood beams in the kitchen

Rhine 047

Banquet seating

According to the guide the bedroom was next to the kitchen to help conserve heat in the winter.

Rhine 043

Rhine 044

Chess, anyone? Those are tapestries on the walls.

Rhine 045

Rhine 050

Ceiling of the castle’s chapel. Not a Michelangelo, but it still looks good for its age.


Virgin Mary statue in the chapel. Don’t you hate it when other people on your tour get in the way of taking pics?

chapel ceiling

More of the ceiling of the chapel.

Rhine 054

Every castle needs some armed guards

It was not Buckingham Palace, but I assume it served it purpose back in the day. We passed many castles on this stretch of the Rhine River and some of them were essentially fancy toll booths. The inhabitants would charge a fee to people traveling by river.

I recommend cruising the Rhine River. I am happy that I had the opportunity to see this part of Germany via river, and tour at least one of its castles.



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