2016 Travel Plans

A new year brings excitement and opportunity. While I don’t do formal resolutions, I do have a goal every year to visit a new country. I visited three new countries in 2015: Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. I might get to two new countries in 2016.

My first trip won’t likely be until March. I will be celebrating my birthday, and always prefer to do that somewhere other than home. The current plan for that trip is Tokyo, with a stop in China. China would be a new country for me, but DH has been there before for work.

I plan to return to Vegas in April to celebrate my SIL’s birthday with her and my brother.

My oldest niece will turn 30 in June. I went to Paris for my 30th birthday, and would love to be able to do that with her for her 30th. This trip doesn’t have the best odds right now, but I am keeping it alive.

Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame de Paris


I will take two trips in the summer, to the same place. We now own a cottage on the Canadian side of Lake Huron, so that will be our summer fun.

Canadian cottage

Canadian cottage

The first trip up there will be Memorial Day weekend, and hopefully my cousin and his wife will be joining us. It is so peaceful and relaxing there, I almost can’t wait to get up there, but I can at least wait until winter is over. (I was there in February 2002 to visit DH’s grandmother before she passed, and the temperatue was -20 F. Brrrr)

I got a kayak for Christmas and am anxious to try it out on our little piece of the lake.  This part here:

Joe Dollar Bay, North Channel of Lake Huron

Joe Dollar Bay, North Channel of Lake Huron

Just like in 2015, I want to take my big trip in the fall. Last year it was a Viking river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam. I really want to visit Australia or Thailand in 2016. I had originally wanted to do that in March for my birthday, but logistically it isn’t likely to happen.

I want to SCUBA dive the great barrier reef

I want to SCUBA dive the great barrier reef

Finally, I would like to visit the east coast sometime in 2016. I have dear friends in the DC/Baltimore area that I haven’t seen for two years, so hopefully I can get out there this year.

Same problem every year…..so much of this to see and not enough time! (South America will be on my 2017 list for sure.)


Happy and safe travels in 2016 and beyond!

About jewelsworldtravels

I want to see the world! I am armed with the book "1,000 places to see before you die" and I am having a great time. I am also a dog lover and theatre snob.
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2 Responses to 2016 Travel Plans

  1. Miriam says:

    How wonderful. Happy new year to you and happy travels. Enjoy!

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