Melk Abbey

The Abbey in Melk, Austria has been in continuous use for over 900 years; though only two stacks remain from that time period. The guide shared with us that their city was very excited because they just received their first “apprentice” monk in over 10 years.  Apparently this is not a life that many men choose these days.

Not the Abbey. This is where our ship was parked.

Wachau Valley Melk 076

The building and grounds are lovely, but the view from the Abbey is worth the tour. We were only shown a handful of rooms, and I was more interested in the ceilings and floors than the artifacts.

Wachau Valley Melk 034

Wachau Valley Melk 032

Wachau Valley Melk 035

Wachau Valley Melk 037

Wachau Valley Melk 039

Maria Theresia as Queen of Hungary. We heard lots about her on tours in several cities.

Wachau Valley Melk 042

Wachau Valley Melk 044

In-laid wood floor. I think these are beautiful.

Wachau Valley Melk 045

Wachau Valley Melk 046

Wachau Valley Melk 047

Wachau Valley Melk 050

Not the ceiling of the Sistine chapel, but still lovely.

Wachau Valley Melk 052

Orchestras would sit on the 2nd floor behind those round windows and play music for the room below for special occasions.

Wachau Valley Melk 053

Wachau Valley Melk 058

The chapel part of the Abbey. Wasn’t allowed to take pictures once inside though.

Wachau Valley Melk 059

Wachau Valley Melk 060

Wachau Valley Melk 063

These weird painted creatures were all over the garden.

Wachau Valley Melk 064

Wachau Valley Melk 065

Beautiful roses, even this late in the year.

Wachau Valley Melk 066

Even the rose garden got a weird animal.

Wachau Valley Melk 071

My trees do not look like this.

Wachau Valley Melk 075

View of the Abbey from the road below. The two towers are the chapel part of the building.

View of Melk Abbey from the Danube as our ship approached to dock

View of Melk Abbey from the Danube as our ship approached to dock


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