Volcanoes and earthquakes

I am saddened by the earthquake in Nepal and the loss of life that came with it.  Our planet is magnificent, and unforgiving. I read a fascinating article about a theory of the cause in this case – India is still moving inland and the resulting pressure that builds up from those plates was released in the form of an earthquake.

Earthquakes and volcanoes are two of the scariest “natural” disasters our planet endures. I put natural in quotes because I understand that some earthquakes are caused by human manipulation of our planet in our search for access to natural resources, but that isn’t the focus of this blog post.

I use the word scary because it seems there is still very little advance notice that could help humans and animals get out of the way. I know there is lots of monitoring that goes on, especially in specific places where there are fault lines. And I’ve read several articles where people believe that some animals’ behavior is a prediction of some natural disasters.  Will we ever have reliable, advance notice of an earthquake or volcanic eruption?

I have always been fascinated by volcanoes. The only time I’ve witnessed lava flowing was on a Mediterranean cruise when our captain “swung” by so we could get a closer look. I don’t have great pictures though as it was really too far away for my old camera.

And I’ve seen news footage of the Hawaiian island eruption. I would love to get close enough to actually feel the heat of lava….someday. To do so would require me to travel. (Yay!) The closest volcano to me is the one under Yellowstone National Park, and from what I’ve read….if that one does erupt in my lifetime, I am close enough that it would likely kill me. And take out a large chunk of the U.S. and Canada.

I made a visit to Pompeii a priority on my second Mediterranean cruise. Perhaps I should stick to visiting sites like it instead of wanting to get close to an active volcano?! It was a great visit, on a very warm Fall day.

There are still active excavations at this site. I wonder what else they will unearth?


Pompeii artifacts

Streets of Pompeii

Streets of Pompeii

Pompeii fresco

Preserved Pompeii fresco

Pompeii dog

Pompeii stray dog


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