26 Hours of Travel

Traveling from Minnesota to Singapore is the longest trek I have made so far.  My first leg was a 9 am flight from Minneapolis to Los Angeles. Due to the need for de-icing, we left MSP one hour late.

I try to avoid connecting flights as much as possible, but it is impossible to get to some places without changing flights.

I was very stressed as we finally arrived in L.A.  after a 3 1/2 flight, as I knew my connection time was now only about 30 minutes and missing my next flight would mean I couldn’t have arrived at my final destination until one day later.

I used the Delta app on my phone to check my next flight status, and also find out what gate I needed to find. I arrived in terminal 5, and was leaving from terminal 6, but there is a bit of an underground jaunt between the two. There was another man on my first flight, who pushed his way forward, who was also running to catch the same flight. We got one of the carts to drive us from terminal 5 to 6 and that saved several minutes! I had never gotten a ride on a cart before. We were very grateful.

I didn’t think I had time to stop and buy water. There are lots of blog posts about beating jet lag, and they all say – keep hydrated! But I did stop to use the bathroom.

I was the second to the last person to get on the flight! Whew, I do NOT like cutting it that close on any flight, but especially an international one. There was barely enough room in the overhead compartment for my roll-aboard suitcase.  Bonus – there was an empty seat between me and the other guy in my row. Love that!

My second flight was at 12:30 pm from L.A. to Tokyo.  I think it was 10 1/2 hours. It was my first 747 double-decker plane. So cool! I read, watched movies and tried to nap – and also tried not to think about the time change I was experiencing.

We arrived in Tokyo early, so I had time to wander the airport and have a bowl of ramen. Yum!

My last flight was 7 1/2 hours from Tokyo to Singapore. Again, I read, watched movies and tried to nap. There were lots of empty seats on this plane and others scored a whole row to stretch out but I didn’t want to sleep too much knowing that I needed to sleep when I arrived in Singapore.

That was a lot of time spent in airplanes! I don’t think I could do this big of a trip very often, but I am every excited about this opportunity to visit a place that wasn’t high on my bucket list because I never really thought I would get here.

There are three sovereign city-states in this world – Singapore, Vatican and Monaco – and I have now been to all three.


About jewelsworldtravels

I want to see the world! I am armed with the book "1,000 places to see before you die" and I am having a great time. I am also a dog lover and theatre snob.
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