2013 Travel Recap – 2014 Travel Preview

I created a very short, modest travel wish list one year ago:

  • Orlando
  • London
  • Los Angeles
  • Seattle

And while I had hoped to get to all of those places, I never really expected to get to them all. But I did, and much, much more!

I visited Orlando in March 2013. It was fun, but certainly different from when we took the kids to Disney when they were actually children. I do like traveling with adult children, but it is a different experience now.

Harry Potter

Hogwarts castle at Universal Studio

I didn’t so much visit Seattle as I did fly into and out of it in order to visit a friend who lives north of Seattle, very near the Canadian border. It was a quick and wonderful weekend. Hopefully I can get there again in 2014. Or, Sharon, can we meet somewhere warm?

London. I love London! I was there in September 2013 for the Vikings vs. Steelers NFL game. I was really there to visit friends, but going for a football game seemed like a good reason too. I saw most of the people I wanted to see, and I was able to enjoy some theatre during my brief time there. Seeing “Darth Vader” in Shakespeare was a fantastic experience. James Earl Jones is amazing!

Vikings at Wembley Stadium


London Eye

Los Angeles was a weekend trip in October 2013. I went to the Griffith Observatory and the Disney Concert Hall for the first time. I also did some shopping, people watching and playing in the Pacific Ocean.

Einstein at Griffith Observatory


I also went to Baltimore, Maryland twice to visit friends.

But…that isn’t all. I had an amazing trip in June 2013, that I sadly haven’t finished blogging about yet, and wasn’t on my wish list.  It was a Baltic Cruise – round trip Copenhagen.  I visited Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Germany and Russia – all for the first time.

Spilled Blood Cathedral

Spilled Blood Cathedral, St Petersburg, Russia

Now, what is on the horizon for 2014….

Two known trips:

1. Singapore in January (first time!)

This will be a relatively short trip, especially considering how long it takes to get there.  Three flights – first one will be about 4 hours to L.A., then 11.5 hours to Tokyo, and finally nearly 8 more hours to Singapore. Singapore is a small city-state, so I am hoping I can see most of it in the 4 days I will be there.

This isn’t a random trip or even a planned vacation, and I may never do it again. DH will be traveling for work to 4 places in Asia, the last stop being Singapore. I have never joined him on a business trip before, but this seems like an opportunity I just can’t pass up.

2. London / Ireland in July

I awoke at 3:30 am the Monday before Thanksgiving to get tickets for the Monty Python reunion show. I got the tickets! But it didn’t go smoothly. I had tickets for the July 1st show – the one that sold out in 43 seconds – but I had credit card problems because I hadn’t notified my bank ahead of time that I would be attempting to purchase tickets on a foreign website in the middle of the night. I like that they are watching out for me, but I hate it when I can’t use my own debit or credit cards because of a fraud alert.  So, I lost the tickets for the first show. Because of the huge demand, several more shows were quickly added. I got tickets for the July 2nd show – but it wasn’t until I tried a 4th credit card that I was in!

DH doesn’t love London as much as I do, but he loves Monty Python! The tickets were his Christmas gift, along with a tour book on Ireland and a tentative schedule:

1 day in a beach town, such as Brighton

3 days doing London “stuff” – British Museum, Abbey Road, London Eye, theatre, fish & chips, etc.

1 day in Stratford-upon-Avon doing Shakespeare “stuff”

1-2 days in Liverpool doing Beatles “stuff”

1-2 days in Dublin, Ireland – Guinness, Book of Kells, etc.

4-5 days driving around southern Ireland – Ring of Kerry, Waterford, Blarney Castle, etc.

I also hope to get to these places:

Chicago – not far from where I live, but haven’t been there for a few years

Alaska – the only state I haven’t been to

Glacier National Park (Montana)

San Francisco

Maui, Hawaii

Happy and safe travels for the New Year!!

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I want to see the world! I am armed with the book "1,000 places to see before you die" and I am having a great time. I am also a dog lover and theatre snob.
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  1. Karen says:

    May all your wishes come true during 2014. Happy New Year.

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