Copenhagen, Denmark

My first trip to Copenhagen, Denmark! Our cruise started and ended in Copenhagen, so we added about 2 days pre-cruise and one day post-cruise to see Copenhagen. We arrived three weeks ago today.

We arrived Saturday afternoon and took the train from the airport to central Copenhagen. Taking the train saves money, but can be tricky when carrying lots of luggage – but we made it. I love train travel, especially in Europe, and try to take the train whenever possible.

Our hotel – City Hotel Nebo – was about 100 feet south of the train station. It wasn’t a fancy hotel…some rooms don’t even have their own bathrooms, but the location was great and it was clean, comfortable and cheap. It did not, however, have air conditioning but we were able to get a great breeze through the window.  The neighborhood was a bit loud at night though. The hotel had a very nice European-style breakfast – with cheese and a variety of meats, plus cereal and yogurt.  I would stay there again.

Copenhagen City Hall

Copenhagen City Hall

We spent the rest of Saturday walking and exploring, including a stroll along part of the pedestrian shopping street – Stroget – starting at the Copenhagen Cit Hall.

We started Sunday morning at the National Museum of Denmark. They had a great exhibit on things recovered from a bog, including skeletons. My favorite part of the museum was walking through hundreds of years of Danish history. We did the walk backwards though – starting in present day and going back.  For free entry, and few crowds early on a Sunday – it was a worthwhile visit.

We then went to an art museum – Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

View from top of Glyptotek

View from top of Glyptotek

It is a beautiful museum, with an impressive indoor garden. Knowing we didn’t have time to even scratch the surface, I focused on the temporary Degas exhibit.

We had a wonderful Danish lunch, to experience “Danish Culinary Revolution” (from the book). We really wanted to eat at Noma for that experience, but were unable to secure reservations. The Danes are known for their open-faced sandwiches on rye bread. I had shrimp on my sandwich, and a wonderful salad.

My parents arrived back in Copenhagen – they left the U.S. a week earlier than us to explore Germany. We were just finishing lunch at Glyptotek, so they went to the Hard Rock Cafe and we met them there. My mom was very excited to get a glass of cold ice water – and to see us. She got every frustrated at the lack of ice water in Europe. Most Americans like to drink their water cold, but that doesn’t seem to have caught on yet in other parts of the world.

We all went to Tivoli Garden for the rest of the afternoon, including a stop in their beer garden. (see separate post about Tivoli)

Glyptotek indoor garden

Glyptotek indoor garden

Jill at Glyptotek statue

Jill at Glyptotek statue

Me and mom in Tivoli Garden

Me and mom in Tivoli Garden

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  1. Jella says:

    Copenhagen is great during the summer!

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