Travel tips – to share or not to share

That… is the question.

I am selfish. I think it is important to begin with that declaration.

I am selfish because I am always on the hunt for great travel tips, but I don’t often share them. It isn’t that I never share travel tips…because I do. But I have some travel tips that I only share with very close family and friends. Is that normal?

As an example….. I recently went to Orlando with my family. I was very excited to find a tip about using the single-rider line for the hugely popular Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios. (I wouldn’t consider a 2-3 hour wait for a three-minute ride. I don’t actually remember how long the ride was, but it seemed short.)

Harry Potter

Hogwarts castle at Universal Studio

We are all adults and immediately jumped in the single-rider line. Our wait was about 20 minutes; and my kids did end up riding together, so we were not all split up.

We returned to the same ride later in the day hoping for another quick wait for this awesome ride. It really is a great experience! But I will never wait an hour or more for a ride. Just as we were approaching the single-rider line (just two of us this time), a family of 5 – including a small child – asked a staff member about the other entrance we were about to go in, and he told them it was the single-rider line. The family of 5 jumped out of the main line and in front of us, and as we joined the rest of the line we found lots of other families as well. Were they really going to split up and allow their small child to ride alone? That family really got lucky because at the end they were pulled back in the normal line – ahead of hundreds (thousands?) of people who waited longer – and were allowed to ride together.

I don’t begrudge anyone…especially with small children…. the chance to avoid the longer line. I am shocked how long people are willing to wait in line. (I don’t have that kind of patience.) We all waited just over an hour for the single-rider line – at perhaps the busiest part of the day.

At what point does a “tip” stop being a good tip because too many people are now taking advantage of it?

I am selfish because I want tips to benefit me; and I am fine with them benefiting others as long as it isn’t at my expense.  So…everyone…use the single-rider line if it makes sense for your family….but not when I am at Universal Studios. Haha!

A tip – even if you don’t go on the ride, I recommend doing the tour of the castle because it is pretty awesome! However, not all staff members are well trained on the tour so you may need to ask more than one to get the help you need.



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I want to see the world! I am armed with the book "1,000 places to see before you die" and I am having a great time. I am also a dog lover and theatre snob.
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