Emptied my account

I admit to being a hoarder. But not in the sense like those people on TV. I have not been hoarding things, and filling my house with stuff.

I have been hoarding frequent flier miles – specifically Delta Skymiles. I don’t have a million of them – I never traveled that much and/or spent that much on my airline-branded charge card. But I had a nice little “nest egg.” Until Saturday.

On Friday, my balance was just over 400,000. Today, it is just over 10,000.

Remaining balance

Remaining balance


If this were a savings account at a bank – and these were dollars – I would probably be at the hospital panicking over spending that much in a single weekend. However, I am a little anxious. My balance had not been going up very quickly this past year because I stopped traveling for work. But, what was I getting by just letting those miles sit? Certainly not interest, like I would get if we were talking real money. Nope – they were just sitting there because I was saving them for a rainy day.

It didn’t rain in Minnesota – way too cold for that. But I did just part with most of my balance in order to take my family on two trips in 2013. And who knows??? The “kids” are 23 and 20 so these could be the last two trips we take together – just the 4 of us. I hope not – but we will need to fully pay for the next plane tickets!

Our first trip will be the last week of March to Orlando, FL. I hadn’t intended to use miles for this trip, but it is spring break – and the week before Easter – so the prices were just too high to NOT use the miles. We did look at alternate locations; but everything was high because of the time of year. I didn’t bother asking the University of Wisconsin if they would change the dates of their spring break, so we are stuck making it work for this week.

Are the kids too old for Orlando and Disney? NEVER! We last went there at the end of 2008, when DS was a freshman in college and DD was still in high school. We didn’t go to visit Disney. We went to Florida for a college bowl game. (Yes, our team won! Go Hawks!) But we did spend two days at Disney. I think it is just as much fun with grown kids, as it was when they were small.

This trip isn’t about Disney either – it is about Harry Potter! My kids grew up reading the books, and watching the movies. We have been talking about visiting Universal Studios ever since the new Happy Potter section opened, and now we are finally going.

I do plan to spend some time with Mickey and friends though.

Pic credit to wikipedia

Pic credit to wikipedia

This trip cost me 170,000 miles. It hurts to part with that many miles in one shot – but 4 of us are flying to Orlando and I haven’t spend any money yet. Priceless!

The next trip is bigger – and will be featured in tomorrow’s post.


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I want to see the world! I am armed with the book "1,000 places to see before you die" and I am having a great time. I am also a dog lover and theatre snob.
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One Response to Emptied my account

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Spending miles to get to orlando? I think its kinda worth it 🙂

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