Back in the old days

Back in the old days of airplane travel……

We dressed up. And we didn’t walk on a airplane with (nearly) everything we own.  Despite people carrying more on board to avoid baggage fees, our lifestyle today demands bringing more stuff on an airplane.

Back in the old days….a woman may have carried on her purse and a train case with her make-up and beauty essentials. Not her entire wardrobe and the proverbial kitchen sink.  I’m not sure what people did on planes back then, but I know what we do now.

Train case

I love technology. We all love technology. (Except my MIL, but this blog post isn’t about her.)

I read an article today about new travel gadgets. I love travel gadgets, but what I don’t love is the part about carrying them around with me, and the space they now consume in my carry-on bag. There are many truly useful things to bring an airplane. A sample:


Laptop and/or tablet

MP3 player

Noise-cancelling headphones

Mobile phone

Pillow and blanket

Book or magazine (for take-off and landing when electronics must be turned off)


(I also bring a footrest for long-haul flights, and I never travel without baby wipes.)

And you need something to keep all of this stuff in that you will be using on board. But, remember, you are only allowed one carry-on and one “personal” item.

Amazing Case

One of the gadgets that I read about today is a case that hangs on the back of the seat in front of you that you can use to hold your tablet to watch movies, play games or whatever it is that amuses you. I’ve looked at cases like this many times, but I haven’t purchased one yet.  I think these are great for organization too, but I guess I am afraid it will become as much of a burden as a help.

I am pretty sure I will fill up this case as soon as I get it. And then I need an even bigger bag to hold the case, in addition to the other stuff I bring on board an airplane.

Again, I love technology. And this stuff helps to pass the time. But….sometimes, I really wish I could walk on an airplane with my purse and a  small bag.

I am leaving for Paris in 48 hours and have NO idea what bag to carry on board with me. I already know the one I had initially selected will not fit everything I need/want to bring on board, and I can’t bear to pare it down.



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I want to see the world! I am armed with the book "1,000 places to see before you die" and I am having a great time. I am also a dog lover and theatre snob.
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One Response to Back in the old days

  1. Great memories of a bygone age. The days before low cost airlines when flying still felt exclusive and glamorous. The pilots were all ex RAF and called Toby or Edward and the air hostesses were tall and elegant, wore smart uniforms and looked like catwalk models. The seats were comfortable with generous leg space and there was a free meal thrown in. These were in the days before terrorist threats so children used to get to go and visit the captain and crew in the cockpit and for adults there was a drinks trolley at below UK prices and a genuine duty free service for spirits, tobacco and perfume.

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