10 classic American experiences

Inspired by an article on CNN.com. First I will share my opinion of each, and then I will offer my own list.

I think this list was created by a Southern boy.

Rodeo – nope! I live in a northern state and this just isn’t big for us “Yankees.”
Road trip on Route 66 – cool. I haven’t done it, but it is on my bucket list.
Civil War reenactments – nope! I have a good friend who does this as a hobby, but come on…..the war ended a long time ago.  Again, something that seems to speak louder to people in the South than the North.
NASCAR – no way! I am not a redneck.
New Orleans jazz – nope! Again, maybe this is more popular with Southern folk.
Bourbon distillery tour – no, again.
Barbecue – I am good with this one.
Drive-in theater – yes!! I have very fond memories of this from my childhood. I am sad they are almost extinct.
State fairs – yes, but I think this is regional also. I lived in Virginia for a few years, and they aren’t as excited about their fair as Minnesotans and Iowans are about theirs.
Las Vegas – yes!

My list – which includes only 4 of the above, is a bit more cultured than the above.

Drive-in theater – bring them back!!

State fairs – Iowa State Fair is in “the book” and I highly recommend it.

Las Vegas – ka-ching! Good luck….but Las Vegas is not just about gambling. The shows and restaurants are awesome, and probably cheaper than gambling.

Road trip on Route 66

Yellowstone, or other national park – there are beautiful parks all over the U.S.

Camping (perhaps this is too regional too??) – one of the best family bonding experiences.

Water fun – swimming, fishing, boating etc. I do live in the state of “10,000 lakes” but I’d like to think this appeals to people all across the U.S.

Wine tour – vineyards are not limited to California. This appeals to me much more than going to a bourbon distillery.

Music – not just jazz, but Motown, pop, rock, blue grass, and many others.

Presidents – (inspired by Presidents’ Day) Mount Rushmore, and the presidential libraries. I didn’t vote for Reagan (too young), but his library is my favorite of the ones I’ve visited.


I don’t mean to offend anyone who likes NASCAR and the rodeo, but I really don’t think of either as classic American experiences.  Again, I live in Minnesota and I don’t think we even get NASCAR races here….and aren’t live events really the best? I also don’t recall ever hearing about rodeos in Minneapolis.

That might be a very good list for a Texan (as I think the author is), but not a Minnesotan.



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I want to see the world! I am armed with the book "1,000 places to see before you die" and I am having a great time. I am also a dog lover and theatre snob.
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