Where’s Jewels?


Where is Waldo?

No, that isn’t me. That is Waldo. I helped my stepkids “find” him when they were younger.

I think I am pretty easy to find. Even easier now with Foursquare. I joined Foursquare about a year ago, not really having a good reason for doing so. A few of my friends were using it, and they were competing for points and mayorships. You receive Foursquare points for each check in – at least one (unless you are out of range) and sometimes 5,7 or 10 points. As far as I can tell, these points are worthless, except as bragging rights when you have more than your friends. There is a handy “leaderboard” you can reference to see where you stack up against your friends.

And speaking of friends, I have 21 on Foursquare. These are 21 people I know – some better than others. I have 9 pending friend requests for people I don’t know. Why do they care where I am? One of them is the dj at a sports bar that I frequent. The others seem to have found me when I checked in places they also check in at. Does NOT mean we are friends. 

My stats to date:

  • 1,251 check ins
  • 27 badges (more about this later)
  • 8 mayorships (more about this later)
  • Tuesday – more check ins on this day of the week than others

Top check-in places:

•Southwest Area YMCA (sadly, my body doesn’t reflect this)
•B-52 Burgers & Brew (fave sports bar)
•AMC Showplace 16 (love movies)

Earlier this year I went through a phase where I checked in nearly everywhere I went. I thought it would make an interesting snap-shot in time of my life. But….I didn’t check in at home, or places I went ALL the time like Target. But I did check in nearly every place else.  However, I haven’t found an easy way to capture that information/data and display it here.

I check in less now that I used to, especially around home. These are the main reasons I continue to use Foursquare:

1. When I go somewhere new – you get the most points for checking in somewhere new and somewhere your friends have not been.

2. Free stuff! I do occasionally get something for a check in. I got a free burger and shake at B-52 last week because of a special they run via Foursquare. Some establishments offer discounts or free stuff for their mayor or for people who frequent them.

3. If I am mayor already and want to keep my hard-earned mayorship. I get nothing for this, except a cute little yellow crown on my check in. Silly, I know.

I have 27 badges. Again, cute but worthless. You can earn badges for many things:

Swarming – when you check in a place where hundreds of others have also checked in.

Overshare – more than 10 check-ins in a single day.

Smells like School Spirit – 5th check-in at a school/university event. (I just got this one last weekend.)

I am always surprised when I get a badge because I am never checking in just to earn them. I’m pretty sure checking in to earn badges could become an obsession.

A mayorship is when you check in to a place more than anyone else. Again, usually nothing of value….just a source of pride, perhaps. I am mayor of a few stupid places, like my local Slumberland. I will NOT be checking in there again as I don’t need to be mayor of a furniture store.  I am also mayor of my dental clinic.

It is very easy to become mayor some places, such as my dental clinic. But others are much more competitive. I am mayor of my local YMCA a couple of times per week. I keep getting ousted by Sean. I don’t know Sean, but he goes to the gym as much as I do so we just keep swapping mayorship.

You don’t need to join Foursquare to know where I am. But if you do join, please don’t send me a friend request unless I know you.

Just keep reading this blog and you will at least know where I’ve been.


About jewelsworldtravels

I want to see the world! I am armed with the book "1,000 places to see before you die" and I am having a great time. I am also a dog lover and theatre snob.
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