Cats of Rome

Cats of Rome

In one of many instances where I was lost in Rome, I happened upon a city block that first draws you in because it has three tall columns (ruins, I think) but no modern building. I was seriously tired of looking a Roman ruins at this point in my trip, but I paused just long enough to see one, then two, then 10 cats lounging amongst the ruins.

There is an indoor cat hospital too at the Torre Argentina cat sanctuary.  I stayed for a few minutes and chatted with a Dutch woman who works there. She had 150 cats, at last count. They do two things when a new cat arrives – the obvious one is to sterilize it or they’d have thousands of cats, the other is to clip one of the cat’s ears so they can tell their cats from the new ones. I didn’t love this, but understand.

It doesn’t smell good in and around the cat sanctuary, but what a wonderful way to make a better life for an unwanted and at-risk cat. They have a good life here. Lots of open space to explore and nap!

I typically hate getting lost, but occasionally there are times when it turns out to be a good thing.  I didn’t realize until I left that I spent an hour petting Roman cats.

More pictures here.

Roman cats


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2 Responses to Cats of Rome

  1. Anonymous says:

    A few weeks ago I saw a news story about Canadians adopting homeless dogs from Mexico. The first thing I thought was..”the poor dogs won’t understand a thing their new owners say! They will have to learn a new language!” (then I slapped myself on the forehead..)

    But anyway – do you suppose your Roman cats understood your American words? Did you speak Italian to them?

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