Non-scientific study

I have done extensive research on something and keep arriving at the same conclusion – the more time I spend in an airport, the more money I spend. And there is a factor that probably doubles or triples this effect – being in an international airport.

Just for some clarification….I do not fall for the “duty free” crap. I know that stuff isn’t really as good of a deal as they want you to believe. In part because I live in a state where I already don’t pay sales tax on clothes, shoes etc. But even without the tax you may be paying more than if you simply bought the product at your local Target or mall. Especially cosmetics!

The draw, for me, especially in international airports are products I can’t easily get at home. I just bought several boxes at the Amsterdam airport of stroopwaffels. A delicious, sweet waffle-like thing with caramel sandwiched between. There are versions available in the US, but these are better! (Yes, another non-scientific study.)

I also picked up two huge bags of Haribo gummy bears. (One for Andy, and one for my friend PMS.). The flavors available here are slightly different than what I’ve enjoyed in the US.

I spent lots of time looking at the liquors, but I know they are cheaper at home.

See previous post for my new solution to this shopping problem.


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I want to see the world! I am armed with the book "1,000 places to see before you die" and I am having a great time. I am also a dog lover and theatre snob.
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