Jill’s amazing ability

Jill has what I consider to be a great skill for her age – she is a great navigator and very proficient at reading maps. She very quickly learned how to read subway maps and find her away around London and Paris.

From the time she was a little girl Jill has liked having a map when we took road trips so she can follow along. Andy, from the time he was a little boy, never looked at a map nor did he even look out of the car window. Andy’s navigation skills are not as good because he plays video games in the car.

Jill’s navigational skills are better than her father’s too. Now…hopefully she can help us find the maps that seem to be lost in this hotel room.


About jewelsworldtravels

I want to see the world! I am armed with the book "1,000 places to see before you die" and I am having a great time. I am also a dog lover and theatre snob.
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